Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A Tuesday in the Life of Alice

i did go to London's "little venice" today:) beauty as always. ended up with some Swedes at a pub called The Lock in Camden..!!! ended up walking too long though in the heat and thought i was to faint before reaching the tube (I walked across the whole of Regent's Park not realizing how big this park really is), of course i did not haha:))) back home i went straight to the food store and then to my second home called Franklins.

I was wearing a BCBG top, American Apparel shorts, Top Shop sunnies, The Gap bag & handmade sandals from Spain.

now some Swedish television, a series called Skargardsdoktorn from 1997 that I managed to not see at the time.

Tomorrow is CHELSEA:)

oh and Yes, whatever my neighbours has that is so lovely & special I Want Too!:))


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