Saturday, July 27, 2013

Today I Am Princess Buttercup;)))

Because I am going to a party at a castle in Tunbridge Wells:))) I am to  get beautiful pictures & an amazing time full of people, food & wine. And I can not wait to see Jaime.

a princess buttercup outfit

Rebecca Taylor butterfly dress
grandma's heart
vintage bangles
sandals handmade from Spain
not seen: Screaming Mimi's sunnies 


The Tune of Thousand Birds

buttercup hair with a marigold smile
and eyes that made me think of the way
that the wind blew softly
through my heart
and a smile
that could forever light up
my mind
and inspire my words
to flow so effortlessly
to the tune of a thousand birds
singing out your name

Happy Beautiful Saturday To You All

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