Saturday, August 17, 2013

An Alice Saga's Wonderland Day

Today was all about my future to be Alice Saga's Wonderland shop:) yes I did find such cute things.

wearing a grandma nightgown I first went to The Breakfast Club to re-shoot an image for my July art project Fairy Pagan Poetry Tale, they were closed at 8am in the morning but the let me go in anyways:)) then i went to The Albion for my soy latte and to do my daily outfit blogging. Went on to the vintage sale for my shop and afterwards took a trip to The Museum of Childhood which was So Amazingly wonderful.

Back at home I met my lovely lovely friend Vaughan for a couple of glasses of white wine, and here I am now back in my house to hang up the new items I sourced today for my Alice Saga's Wonderland shop. Soon Swedish tele it is:))

happy happy saturday!
alice solantania saga

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