Thursday, September 05, 2013

A Day In New York So Far

Woke up at 4am....! I think it's called being jet lagged. Energetic though so out for a long walk all the way down to Wall Street along the Hudson River which was magnetic:) Went to Starbucks for a soy latte and bought a Danish from one of those silver food trucks ( obsessed...)! Came "home" and made myself ready for the day and too created a tiny blog post. I was to meet my dear dear friend Peter:))) Walked all the way uptown & Lincoln Center where he works and we took a walk in Central Park! I have missed him! Then I walked down Fifth Avenue and sat down in the Swedish Church to rest, but felt restless & continued downtown and found a wonderful place called FRANK on Second Avenue right by 5th Street where I read V Magazine ( the September issue is BRILLIANT)! Just now landed at Schiller's where I created this little collage of today ( A Day So Far) and am soon to go to a little event at Tennessee Thomas shop in East Village, The Deep End Club,featuring a collaboration between Wren & Leith Clark.

Happy Evening & See You Tomorrow

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