Friday, September 27, 2013

A Lunch Date With the Lovely Artist Jenny Tallberg

Jenny Tallberg is one of my best friends! She is too an amazing artist. Also, when I am shooting something I feel is important, she is InValuable to me! I feel like I need her then to help me with her constant flow of wonderful ideas:) 

Yesterday was the first for me coming to her house which I fell madly in love with, I could simply put not stop taking pictures....! It's full of inspirations, vintage & her art plus a wonderful wonderful kitchen where she cooked our lunch.

Her creations can be viewed here:

I Love You! Thank you for the best lunch & the wonderful conversations I always get with you.

Hope you'll enjoy the world of Jenny's as much as I do.

oh and YES, the wonderful Alice in Wonderland illustrations you see on the left side of my blog, they are created by her:)

alice solantania saga

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