Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Wednesday Full of Blueberries, Louis Vuitton, Simeon Farrar, Whole Foods, Pastries & Angels!


i woke up tired yesterday and felt a sore throat coming! so i decided to create an easy morning walk and just continue my day anyways as i had planned just do it despite being tired. it's ok to be tired i consistently reminded myself throughout the day and too that it IS ok to be a boring person;) at least once in a while. 

had a blueberry breakfast & in i went to central london for a couple of press day appointments. louis vuitton will be my love of today so you'll see later a little bit from that, after lv i went to another press appointment where i discovered the adorable hand printed t-shirts that simeon farrar creates....lollipop & ice cream heaven's:)) when in central i usually go to whole foods which i love love love. i did go to get something healthy (steel cut oats), but of course they did not have this & left with a macaroon instead hahaha. ohlalala! on my way back to green park's tube station i grabbed a coffee at cafe nero and discovered this wonderful angel:)) also had to enter the world of fortnum & mason! got home, got my violet  and off i went to franklins where i went through papers and some gifts i had gotten from today's press appointments.

now i am off for some adventure here in dulwich:))) which me luck the twilight way please.

alice solantania saga

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