Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Beauty of Dulwich, Back To School & A Tiny Homage to Deborah Turbeville

today is back to school:))) the teskedsgumman way!


outfit for a dulwich school girl like moi:

dress from a shop on columbia road, east london
grandma's antique gold heart
tabio socks
top shop sandals
cardie from beyond retro

this morning:))!!! inhaled SUCH BEAUTY! when the weather behaves here in london it can be such an astonishing place. these images are from my morning walk here in dulwich:

yesterday i was saddened by the news of deborah turbeville passing away, so decided to dedicate my collage to her. hope you'll like!
all images created by the wonder mademoiselle whom i adore.

her obituary is up now at the new york times. read it!

i wish you all a happy wonderful saturday lovely readers. 

and remember....always feed your brain.

alice solantania saga

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