Friday, November 15, 2013

A Birthday Trip To Paris

3 Sma Gummor Skulle Ut Pa Tur:0)

it was 2 wonderful days in paris with my aunt & my mother. this trip was my birthday gift from my aunt:) Thank You Moster!!!

on tuesday which was the day, we created this walk around montmartre and i had wished to have lunch at the adorable restaurant, la maison rose:) it was delicious. after lunch we continued our walk & ended up by this cabaret where picasso used to hang out, au lapin agile. too bad this place is only open during the time!  of course we had to check out sacre coeur with its beauty. paris is such a inspirational place... the architecture, colors, cafe's & restaurants. i was so happy snapping away. the next day we first went to pere lachaise & then mom and aunt took a local bus through paris & i explored le marais. i fell in love with cafe charlot ! here i read french vogue and took in the atmosphere with all the parisians having lunch.

and all of a sudden it was time to go the train to go back to london. it was such a wonderful trip with red wine, bread & various cheeses:))) 

love you my dearest mon & aunt!

alice solantania saga

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