Thursday, November 07, 2013

A Lovely Thursday Running Around Central London Attending Press Appointments Viewing Spring 2014 Collections

Today started 6am with a morning walk in the woods while listening to the Swedish radio:) then off I was as a Victorian Doll Whom Dances With Fairies;) first stop was some art inspirations at The National Gallery, a place I adore. Next up Harriet Pr & The Wolves of London before heading back to Charing Cross to take me home to East Dulwich & Franklins:)

I now have 4 Love of Today blog posts lined up for you to devour!

Clockwise from top left: Mini bagels with salmon for lunch at Harriet PR as created by Savage Salads. A detail of a lovely spring 2014 sample by the wonderful designer Vivetta ( one Love of today to come soon). MOI in my Victorian dress. Charing Cross!

alice solantania saga

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