Monday, November 11, 2013

A Wonderful Sunday

as you may recall, i was a fairy witch yesterday. it's needed when ones funny family consisting of a mother & an aunt is to visit;)))) 

started the day with a walk & to visit franklins farmshop for some fall apples before heading to my little food shop which is around the corner from my house. then off i went to shoreditch & for a snack at the albion, a macaroon to be specific. i had gotten an email from artwords that the new issue of flow had come out so that is where i headed:) i love flow magazine. and then it was time for kings cross and the hotel where my mom & aunt is/were to stay. i was SO happy to see them. my adorable aunt gave me dried lavender for my house:))) yes, the wonderful woman in the picture is my mother. then off we were to a british pub nearby. 

today they are to visit me here in dulwich! can't wait.
happy monday
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