Friday, November 29, 2013

Love of Today: CARAT

The other day i was invited by the wonderful jewellery company Carat to join them for some afternoon tea at The Corinthia Hotel. I was Treated:) I was given the most delicious cakes, coffee & sandwiches, but what I really devoured was the jewellery. This meant I simply put could not stop taking photos of the beauty together with the deliciously looking & tasting cakes. 

 That ring looked perfect on my finger:) and how CUTE are those earrings?

Thank you Mo for the invitation & thank you Janet for inspiring me by playing still life stylist;)

alice solantania saga


Stuart Spindlow said...

Hi, thanks for this very nice and interesting post. I like your writing style, it’s quite unique.

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Alice Saga said...

I am happy you liked it:) it was such a day!!!