Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Polina Barskaya

 i love polina barskaya

 in 2007 i got to know polina, i can not remember how now, but we started quite soon to collaborate on a couple of projects. it was mainly linda styling me, and i took self portraits that i emailed to polina whom created the most beautiful portraits of me. she's such a wonderful talent.

Polina Barskaya is my Love of Today (and always)!

yesterday i picked up a package at the post office:) thank you so much polina for sending me the paintings. i will treasure.

the top image is from a couple of months ago & it's my favorite. the dress is one of my absolute faves in my closet, if you are curious it's this one.

i interviewed her a while ago, read it here & we collaborated on a fashion story we call mademoiselles, see it here! these are too amazing.

alice solantania saga

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