Monday, January 13, 2014

An East Dulwich Weekend With Violette

"for all that has been, thank you.
 for all that is to come, yes."

i had a lovely weekend here in dulwich! i am prepping for my next 365 day project, gone to nunhead cemetery with violette;), read dag hammarskjold's markings (vagmarken) plus all supplements to the newspapers; and taken long walks. 

i am ready for our new week:)

top to bottom: 1 dulwich woods beauty 2 me & violette:) 3-5 nunhead cemetery is where we took off:) 6 at the east dulwich deli. we needed cakes;) 7 a cafe in dulwich that i can not for my life remember the name of now...! 8 i am to cook this one! 9 markings:) deep but wonderful. 10&11 me in yesterday's outfit.

i wish you an adorable monday
alice solantania saga

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