Sunday, February 23, 2014

Diary 237: There Was Nowhere To Go But Everywhere, So Just Keep On Rolling Under The Stars.

a roller coaster week

 there was nowhere to go
but everywhere,
so just keep on rolling
under the stars.
-jack kerouac, on the road

i am glad this week is soon to be over. there are a couple of cute wonderful meetings next week with a jaclyn & a takeshi, collaborations to look forward to! exactly what i need.
 my year is to create something every day (drawing, a photo, collage or even baking) but the main art project i am to do is a series of 12 self portrait shoots, one for each month. so beginning of march is my first one. you know how my year starts on valentines day right?:)

top to bottom: 1 on monday i baked these raw vegan brownies for someone. they tasted so good! 2 liberty flower beauty. 3 me very happy on monday. that did not last long. 4-6 tuesday! champagne & lots of food at toasted. i thank god i meet my friend john & late on an annagrete. i had the best afternoon despite all sadness i had from monday evening. 7 wednesday i went to see jenny but stopped by at liberty first! such a beautiful building. 8&9 sunshine & violette wonders:) i think that cat has a crush on violette hahaha. 10&11 i am very lucky to have a james & a richard in my life here in east dulwich. this is thursday at franklins. that red wine that they have treated me to a couple of times is the best one i have EVER tasted. they too cheered me up with their brilliant kindness. i too got to meet a second james again & a wonderful nikky. 12 yesterday i went to the crown & greyhound in dulwich village where i read the candy magazine style by & british vogue. 13 franklins farmshop cuteness. 14 that cat. ADORABLE. i almost stole her to my house;0)! 15 one way of creating for me is to explore photo apps on my iphone. the other day i created this one. no shyness there since i call myself tinkerbell fairy cuteness! imagination. 16 my dress from blondie. 17&18 me in my 30's vintage tea dress from screaming mimis and prada belt. 19 i love this skirt. it's by jose levy.
i wish you a wonderful sunday

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