Monday, March 03, 2014

Diary 238: A Week Of Alice's Wonders

it's my life
it's my life
it's my life
it's my life
it's my life
it's my life"

i had a wonderful week! met up with takeshi:) had a cute jack for a date saturday evening. cakes for breakfast and had the best sunday in shoreditch. 

top to bottom: 1 that cheesecake hallelujah! house of tippler in east dulwich wonders. 2 a 70's camper:) violet perfection. 3 i am trying various places, one day i took a walk to the hill in forest hill. the decor is wonderful. 4&5 at the albion meeting a takeshi. did some work there before he arrived. 6&7 i had a date saturday evening. we went to the london bridge area by the water. it was a lovely evening and i really hope we become cute friends. one pub we went to was the george before then we went to this place right by the water and i had this wonderful view:) 8-15 my sunday:)) it was my fave day of the week. even though i was very tired from a night out, the adrenalin from seeing so much wonderful flowers, cafes, people woke me up. and i did have a very sugary breakfast from the albion:) see that yellow macaroon? MINE! 16-19 some of my outfits this week. 16 a marc by marc jacobs dress. 17 vintage 18 my new dress that i had for my date, vintage from generations collective on etsy. 19 beyond retro velvet bow, top shop skirt & gabor ballerinas.

below is celine buckens i photographed a while back. playing with filters:) i sort of liked it in this greeny tint.
here is a "real" photo from my canon camera:)
some images can be seen here
and....if you go to her twitter, you can see my photo as her profile image:))

i was at this shoot to photograph photos of the clothing of camilla &marc and to shoot behind the scenes while a film was being created for i could not resist filming her a tiny bit though......her grace & talent!!! she was told to act a tiny bit like alice in wonderland and in the first take this is what happened:)! adore her.

i wish you a wonderful monday

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