Monday, March 10, 2014

Diary 239: Cambridge, Chelsea & Dulwich Spring Wonders

spring arrived last week:)

i had a lovely week! i went to cambridge with takeshi, to chelsea with the same plus adorable jenny to view sarah moon's exhibit at the michael hoppen gallery! i too got to capture so much beauty on my morning walks. spring is here:)))!!!

top to bottom: 1-6 dulwich and surrounding areas from last week's morning walks. beautiful right? 7-13 CAMBRIDGE perfection. this town is full of colleges, churches & gardens. 14&15 sarah moon's exhibit which was wonderful. the girl captured is jenny. 16&17 me, jenny & takeshi took a walk around chelsea to find a cute pub to have a glass of wine at and found treasures. 18&19 see me? the boy to the right is takeshi by the way, he and jenny chatting away while i am blogging away. this place i can highly recommend! the pig's ear:) 20 when i walked to the rosendale pub yesterday i came across this car...!!! hallelujah what a beauty. there was a man inside, i hope he did not think i was crazy:) 21-26 some outfits from this week. 21 me in my nun dress from generations collective etsy shop. 22 generations collective bolero with my chanel lace & silk blouse. 23 generations collective dress & office ballerinas. 24 this shop rocks vintage dress, prada belt, screaming mimis bangles & marc by marc jacobs flats.. 25 same outfit as before but leaving my house adding goldsmith vintage sunnies, beyond retro cardie & alexander mcqueen skull scarf. 26 meadham & kirchhoff for top shop dress, wolford stockings & burberry flowery printed flats.

such dreamy outfits i wore. very much like a quirky amish nun! well at least sort of;0)!

onto something else.

i adore bette davis, did you know? her talent was beyond perfection. such an inspiration on screen & off. i found this little quote by her on tumblr yesterday:) 


"The real reason that most people in most professions are not very good is very simple: It’s harder to be good. It takes a fight to always reach the highest standard, and it takes many fights to get everyone with whom you work to reach the highest standard. The vast majority of people all over the world are perfectly happy showing up, doing the least amount of work, and going home with a paycheck and the good will of their bosses. This, to me, is death. We all have a very limited amount of time to share our talent, and we all have a very limited amount of time when our energies support our efforts to husband our talents, so I do not understand this lazy approach to living. Everything we need is out there, but we have to go get it, use it, take care of it, share it, and most poor bastards are content to just muddle through, and this, sadly, is true of so-called artists on the stage and in film, and the bosses will inevitably reward the 
lazy, good-natured people who refuse to ruffle feathers or to raise the art." 
-bette davis

"i am just too much"

yes me too;0)!
alice solantania saga

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