Monday, March 24, 2014

Diary 241: A Fairy Pagan Poetry Alice Wonderland Week

fairy truths are eternal

a week capturing beauty. i feed on this at the moment. can't get enough since it makes me feel alive and  part of something, of something only god knows at the moment. So yes many long walks in the mornings.

the week became one of being grateful.

top to bottom: 1 franklins perfection working away with my blog fairy pagan poetry style. 2-8 morning walk beauty from here in dulwich. 9 macaroon wonders at whole foods. 10 west dulwich bakery sweetness. a breakfast i think wednesday morning:) 11& 12 i took a different route on my morning walk the other day and found these amazing houses:))) i think the area is sydenham hill. 13 me and takeshi went for adventure in richmond. found this amazing pink house. 14 & 15 me and takeshi are working on a project so yesterday was location scouting. yes that's him taking "notes". 16 afterwards we went to a place called  house of tippler. eggs florentine is his & wine mine. there is a funny picture of me capturing this one. we call it DRINK ME;0)! 17-20 some fairy outfits. complete outfits: let's eat cake, a cute dream & a flowery moon child outfit. last one is me & my 2014 winter coat from oasis together with sunnies from goldsmith vintage.

yesterday while scouting locations i found this in nunhead cemetery:

"the experience of all ages
should have taught our
rulers that persecution
can never efface principles
individuals may perish
but truth is eternal"
-joseph gerrald

hallelujah to that!


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