Monday, March 31, 2014

Diary 242: A Week of Planning & Prepping Plus Some Other Wonders

it was a week for prepping & planning. it's also been a week to devour the woods, churches, cakes & spring:)! & yes, i have a new camera, an alice in wonderland one:) see?

top to bottom: 1 at franklins working. 2 it's just a fairy tale.:) you take a guess. 3 this was a very early morning, a sunshine day and the woods was MAGIC. 4 whole foods perfection. 5&6 a beautiful church i ran into in mayfair while going to  pick up some film. the angel girl:)! 7&8 went to angels costume shop to see if they had something suitable for one of my projects. such beautiful things they have. 9 breakfast! 10 again, at franklins my second home:) to devour saturday supplements. my favorite things and those happened to be at my favorite place! see the cover? we'll those are that girls fave things, adorable right? 11 me as: a corpse bride wednesday adams, an adorable butterfly:) & a fairy godmother.

my mantra for this week & for the rest of my life:

"i am amazing. i feel f-ing beautiful, i'm capable, and inspiring, i am powerful. i love my life, my body, my mind, and my innocence. i love who i am, where i am, and where i am going. i am happy to be me."

this above i found on tumblr and i have no idea who wrote it. this should be your mantra too. i am to start each morning saying this to myself. if you know who wrote this, please let me know so that i can credit him/ her & follow.

much love
alice solantania saga

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