Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A Cherry Wonderland Blossom Girl East Dulwich Wednesday

"i just want to make sure
when i will come to you
when the time will be gone
you will be by my side
cherry blossom girl"

this dress used to be my stepmom's:) my second mom whom too is the mother of my 3 brothers. a 70's perfection dress. today started with a location scouting walk. i knew today was to create the cherry blossom self portrait shoot because of the warm sunshine that was to come (and the sunshine warmth did deliver). this was the outfit i started with minus the bangles. 

the quote at the top i think is so wonderful:) it will be part of the whole project together with a desperate longing full of angels.


stepmom's 70's dress
antique cross necklace
wolford light pink stockings
burberry violet flower printed flats

here is 4 of the locations i scouted this morning. 
i shot 5 outfits today:) 8 locations!

be candy cute cherry blossom brilliant 
alice solantania saga

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