Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Magic Happiness Tuesday To Be Adored

i am at a pub called the swan! i adore swans:)and since i did not get to greet any in kensington gardens earlier i think this is a perfect substitute;) it's been an errands day but for the rest of my tuesday it will be planning my candy cake angel self portrait shoot i am to create tomorrow. it will be very marie antoinette pink fluffiness in my beloved woods. excited! friday might be the second series in this series of 12 characters, gredelin gr├Ąddnos might happen:) we'll see, i did book the studio in the camera club i belong to:) so planning while being happily magic adored it is!

a to be adored outfit:)

antique earrings
grandma's gold heart
wolford stockings
office patent leather ballerinas

me too:)

alice solantania saga

(image/ quote from pinterest)

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