Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Meet Gredelin Violette Gräddnos

it's such a sunshine day here in london:) it started out mistily but one could sense that is was to become glorious! i created the longest walk while listening to games of thrones ( addiction) and just devoured dulwich woods beauty. came home just to make myself ready to go out again. i am now at a cute place in dulwich village to go through millions of old inspirations before going "home" to franklins to plan my next character for my self portrait series i am creating this year. i may too put thoughts on to the girl i believe i am to become, the blessed be brilliant cuteness one:)! 
her name is
gredelin violette gräddnos

an outfit for thee gredelin violette gddnos

vintage dress (recognize it?)
screaming mimis flower barrette & bangles
grandma's gold heart
burberry flowery violet printed flats

morning beauty while listening to games of thrones:)

alice solantania saga

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