Monday, May 19, 2014

Diary 248: A Weekend of Magic Witchy Dreams

a cute candy brilliant weekend:)!

the weather has been adorable! so much more energy when it's warm and the sun comes out. so obsessed with games of thrones...just finished like 30 more hours of this saga. i created my 3rd session of i am a dream self portraits and yesterday i finally transformed into a candy cake witch;0)!

top to bottom:
 1 my garden at the moment. where i might create my 3rd character, the may queen. 2 on friday i went to beyond retro to prepp for my may queen. 3 i found the giant swirly pop finally for my candy cake witch shoot at mrs kibble's old sweet shoppe. 4 so much planning to get it all done:) always at franklins. 5-8 yesterday's shoot, the candy cake witch one. me, violette and sweetness at the coven. 9 me: outfit for play, candy cute brilliant, happiness & a blossoming butterfly.

magic mirror tell me, who is the cutest sweetest fairy of them all? - the candy cake witch cried out!

a tiny taste from yesterday's shoot. raw image that is to be played with.

afterwards i came to franklins to blog & to devour sunday newspapers:)
happy candy cake witch monday i wish you all
alice solantania saga

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