Thursday, May 22, 2014

Today I Am A Beautiful Creature

 i just finished book 1 of  games of thrones (we're talking 48 hours...) and now i have to wait until i get new credits on audible so i can "buy" the next book! so meanwhile i started "reading" beautiful creatures while out on my morning walks and now i have a new obsession... hallelujah! i mean how many brilliant books is there? i am still not done with the hunger games or the twilight saga! i guess i should be grateful:) so much wonderful things left to devour. so today i decided to be a beautiful creature:)
outfit for a beautiful creature;0)!

vintage dress
grandma's gold heart
prada belt
office ballerinas

last year (the one that started on the 14th of february, 2013 and ended this year on the 14th of february) my 365 day project was to create a collage a day, either by cutting and pasting or by using various apps to create one on my ipad. here is a taste from my first book that i finished full of cut & paste ones:) i managed to almost finish 3 books! so much beauty that i have saved over the years.
hope you like!
i think i am to scan them all properly one day to maybe create a book of it all:) we'll see.

this years project is definitely photography. one is to create shoot something beautiful every day and the other is to create my 12 characters, so far i have done the angel & the candy cake witch. my next one is the may queen that i might create in my garden:) tomorrow i am to continue my studio project, i am a dream (which actually this whole years project might be called).

alice solantania saga

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