Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Saturday To Prepp Fairies & Princesses

today i am planning & prepping for my 2 following self portrait shoots. i am too to meet up with my dear martin, he's on his way now to east dulwich:)

meet princess tuvstarr
outfit for a candy cute princess 

vintage dress
h&m diadem & gold belt
grandma's gold heart
burberry flats

meet my next character:)
"The elk warns her to be careful of the danger in the water, to watch her golden heart chain around her neck. But, the princess, mesmerized by the dark shining water bends forward for a closer look and the golden heard slips over her head and drops in the pool. 'Oh, my heart, the golden heart that my mother gave me the day I was born. Oh, what shall I do?' She is inconsolable and wanders over the tussocks to look for her heart. The elk warns her 'It is dangerous for you here. Looking for one thing, you will forget everything else.' 

But, the princess wants to stay to find her heart. She gently strokes the elk and kisses his bent head. 'Then, small and slim and undressed, she goes and sits down on a grassy hillock. For a long time the elk stands quite still and looks at the small girl. But when she no longer seems to notice that he is there, he turns and disappears with hesitant steps into the forest."

illustration by john bauer

alice solantania saga

(quote from artsy craftsy)

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