Monday, June 09, 2014

Diary 250: Sugar & Spice

"devour old films, new films,
music, books, paintings,
photographs, poems, dreams,
random conversations,
architecture, bridges,
street signs, trees, clouds,
bodies of water, light
and shadows. select only
things to steal from that
speak directly to your soul.
if you do this, your work
(and theft) will be authentic.
authenticity is invaluable;
originality is nonexistent."

last week was perfection! the sugar spice stealing all that took to my heart using it my way, the jim jarmusch brilliance way;0)! SUMMER CAME. hallelujah! and i got to meet the lovely girls of ballad of. i spent lots of time with a martin. dressed for candy cute magic & was the mirror of my fairy tale neverending story.

images: 1-3 at franklins creating a sugar & spice collage to devour:) 4 i adore this cat. she was waiting for me to come out one little morning. 5-7 went to the columbia road flower market yesterday with martin. such wonder beauty pretty much all over the place. 8 on tuesday i shot some clothes to be sold at my shop violette's fairytale. more info to come soon:) 9 camden passage perfection book stall. i want that fairy book! 10 went to the breakfast club and devoured ballad of's new issue. 11 me:) playing with photo apps! went tiny crazy. 12 annie's vintage perfection. there is this 1910's tea dress that i fell madly in love with. see it? 13 martins cat hahaha!!! 14&15 regent's canal. this is the day our summer started here in london. it was such a beautiful morning. and i was happy. 16-20 me as: poison ivy, violette's fairytale & butterfly blossom !

yesterday i had the best day at this pub called the albion! me & martin sat in the sun at this place for hours and more hours:) random conversations our way...or maybe the jarmusch kind;)?

stay candy cute brilliant full of sugar & spice
alice solantania saga

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Anonymous said...

You are wrong about authenticity in your lifted quote.

'There is only enough shit to go round. The alarm call. The shuffle to the shower. The stained lower lip. The dog's breath. The realization of the shit to follow.' (CB)

'Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.'