Monday, June 23, 2014

Diary 252: A Midsummer Week on The West Coast of Sweden

 you just
to start something
new & trust
magic of

ohlalalala!the magic of beginnings:) 

i just had an adorable perfect week back home in sweden. i am so happy. the family & friends that i have back home makes me feel beyond grateful....this i try to remind myself every single day. my aunt! just saying. it was the week of midsummer & we had such wonderful weather.

new beginnings is to start. i am ready. finally!

top to bottom:

1 midsummer the swedish flag comes up:))) such beauty. 2 the first morning walk in my hometown uddevalla. 3-8 my lovely lovely friend took me out on a secret roadtrip:) ljungskile, orust o tjorn perfection! THANK YOU! i love you. that ended up being the most beautiful day (the best of this year but then she delivered midsummer...). 9-14 morning walk beauty in uddevalla! such perfection. 15 i had lunch with my beautiful mom:) the best lunch this year i got, shrimp sallad pasta from butlers. 16 a swede pastry perfection as created by wienerkonditoriet in uddevalla, sweden. 17 ohlalala! chocolate heaven by marabou. 18 my godfather took me to his wife's girl gabriella! someone i have grown up with. he is her stepdad. these flowers greeted me:) i adore this girl, her daughters & her mom. 19-29 MIDSUMMER. my dear pernilla, let me count the ways. first champagne breakfast heaven at her parents camping wonderful place fossen, eva's & kent's second home whom i adore. i got to meet some dear friends of theirs. the may pole came up and then we left to this team of people whom i am a part of nowadays. the home of linda & andreas! these people invited here made the day of my year 2014! as it was my best day of 2013, go here to see if interested.

plus i wanna say, i love you sabina.

and i am so sorry i did not get to meet some other special ones because of a sore throat and lack of energy. so many others to thank & to be grateful for.

i wish you the best happiness monday!
alice solantania saga

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