Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Meet The Princesse Ballerina Violette

hi lovely beautiful creatures:)

i have a new wonderful book, ballet beautiful by mary helen bowers! she is the one who trained natalie portman before they started shooting black swan. and what a wonderful portrayal of the swan queen she created:) since i saw this brilliant movie it has been on my mind to start taking ballet classes, will start in my house now:) the ballerina is one of the 12 self portrait characters i am to create actually!

now is sunshine 
later is to start plan my next fashion shoot, 10 pages & at least 15 designers to fit my theme. it's been too long and i am ready:) valentino, miu miu & simone rocha is among my top choices. i am to scan all fall 2014 shows on later.
an outfit to hang out in the sunshine

top shop top & skirt with lace trim
grandma's gold heart
office green as envy ballerinas

meet the dying swan;0)
styled & photographed by me
i had a go with some photography apps on this one:) see the complete (and real photos) story here!

alice solantania saga

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