Monday, July 28, 2014

A Sunshine Awakening Weekend

this weekend has been an awakening kind. back to my roots. finding my voice. what do i want? it's my life. my choices. i needed to be reminded. 

without my own voice new york never would have happened.  

no new york would have meant no nils, no peter, no tim, no camilla, no elizabeth & no malcolm, the love of my life so far..... and no new york times &  no redeemer with perfection timothy keller.

& no so many other people, places & things.

i am listening to just that in order to make new decisions now.

something else:)

i am completely obsessed all over again by a certain thastrom. a thastrom whom i had my first kiss to:))) laghus, hoghus, darhus perfection, with a dear lasse in the middle of nowhere in the woods (small town sweden style?). a happiness time. such a long time ago.

a certain sofia helin reminded me the other day of thastrom:) our poet. our brilliant poet of today. the summer talks on the swedish radio are just beyond. thank you for those ones.

to get back to happiness a friend told me to go out and devour creation. that i have done for a few days. it worked.

that smile is from yesterday. i am wearing a primark pink sweater, ralph by ralph lauren shorts, marc by marc jacobs top beneath the sweater & h&m sunnnies. the smile is mine.

tomorrow is another sunshine, her name is jenny!

alice solantania saga

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