Saturday, July 19, 2014

Today I Am A Rose Full of Dreams

hey lovely saturday:)

thank god for second homes! in london it's franklins where the owner is the most quirky wonderful together with a whole team of people working there, not to forget mentioning the regulars. today i was given millions of ideas for a perfect location for my next shoot with the talented eleanor hardwick by some of these ones! renata & roy perfection:) and if we do not explore these this time i certainly will for other shoots in the future. 

secret gardens are to open up for us fairies i too found out & right here in the southeast of london. explore explore & explore:))) beauty of the wild. 

this morning's walk was full of temperamental rain but that was ok since i had magic to listen to. something stuck & i am sharing. so cool!

går det inte, så går det ändå
- andreas dregen

candy cute brilliance i wanna be always

an outfit for rosy dreamies:)

tocca dress
screaming mimis flower barrette & bangles
grandma's gold heart
ecco sandals

i thought i was worth these roses today:))
i wish you a happy rosy dreamy saturday
alice solantania saga

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