Saturday, July 12, 2014

Today Is To Be Our Lucky Day So Shine Bright Like A Diamond

today i am a diamond:) shining bright!

just arrived at my second home, franklins. sunny 25 degrees all of a sudden:))) i am about to devour my new art book by nicoletta ceccoli, daydreams! wanna see my work table right now? add me on instagram! the book, ipad, flowers and balenciaga sunnies = perfection. too is to email a certain very talented eleanor whom i am to create a story for crash magazine's fall issue. SO excited over this adventure. 

"today is to be our lucky day so shine bright like a diamond"
- violette amorina portman

outfit for a lucky day

independent kostym customized dress
ahlens faux diamond earrings
antique cross necklace
burberry violette flowery printed shoes

i wish you a sunshine happy saturday
alice sunshine saga:)

finally using my balenciaga sunnies by the way

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