Monday, August 04, 2014

Diary 253: A Sweetness Weekend

meet sweetness:) a new edition to my little family!

this past weekend has been adorable. august is exploring! right now though is prepping for mine & eleanor's shoot for crash magazine more than a priority, it has taken over my life:). i have wonderful confirmed looks for the shoot.

images top to bottom: 

1-3 i went to my fave dulwich shop, north cross road antiques. a couple of weeks ago i found this adorable doll:)) yesterday she became mine. i named her sweetness. 4 friday i went to central london to pick up some items in top shop for my shoot and arrived at charing cross. such a place full of life. 5-7 i visited the wallace collection:) i love love adore this house. 8 what i set aside for my shoot at top shop. this is in their press room within the oxford circus store. 9 my garden:) see the cat? SO funny. it was sort of difficult for her to get out of laying on top of those flower thingies haha!!! 10&11 yesterday i went to columbia road's flower market. such a beauty. i should go every sunday actually. 12  life. this is right off the flower market. people are just hanging out. there is live music. just perfection happiness. 13&14 then off i went to brick lane where there is a huge market where they sell about everything and anything every sunday. this is st sugar london's macaroon wonders. i too got a table cloth to shoot foodie thingies:) 15 saturday afternoon at franklins! adore the ballet ruses.

we are told (by my editor at crash) to create cover try's! so that meant i needed jewellery hallelujah! so last minute. we are shooting wednesday. i think i am blessed enough to get chanel jewellery though.  i adore these ones below, especially the flower ring:))) and this little collection of flower beauties were part of what i could choose from:) wish me luck. i now too have 4 of my favourite looks from valentino, miu miu, carven & miu miu. my last wish now is that my fave meadham kirchhoff look , the pink outfit full of lace, will be confirmed.

wherever you are!?!?!?

"seduce my mind and you can have my body,
find my soul and i'm yours forever."

alice solantania sweetness saga

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