Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Did Not Have A Drog Problem; I Had A Problem With Reality!

 yup! that's about right.
i love all the cats of the gardens:)
my fave dress (vivetta) & beloved garden.
i am stunning.
thank god for beauty!
we are born & then we die! true or false?
prettiness! wanna be my valentine?
pink fluff = yes always
shine on beautiful creatures,
moi and some flowers

today started in the woods as usual, started book 3 of games of thrones and i am once again addiction perfection. came home and intended to dress up and take some outfit photos but the rain got to me and i decided to bake some hearty bread instead:) went to the gym and listened over & over to ulf lundell's kapten kidd, the voice of this man is beyond me. came home & finished off some laundry before heading off to franklins where i realised OMG i have nothing to say today. i am empty. not sad empty just empty. so started to go through the bank of my iphone photo library and found treasures. one certainly do come across such beauty from everywhere all the time:) thank god for that!

do what you love
do it often
life is short
live your dream
share your passion
august is soon to be over & we are back to life again in terms of routines. i love routines. i am working on the order of doing things & what to focus on come fall. i tend to be highly disorganised  so i am planning to be on top of things:) finally!

much love
alice solantania saga

(quote photo from pinterest)

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