Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Meet Violette Amorina Sweetness:)

hey! i think my fever is gone:))) 

 and i just started book 3 of the hunger games and i never want it to end, it's just so exciting. katniss everdeen hallelujah! so confused with which boy i want her to end up with haha. such problems. 

i have 2 things to look forward to this fall:) secret secret secrets!

so today i got dressed finally in the candy cute brilliant way i am constantly talking about. i've been too tired to care these past couple of days. 

i am to decide & focus on this:

"the rest of your
could be the
best of your 

a candy outfit;0)!

the loved one 60's style dress 
antique cross necklace
burberry violette flower printed flats

right now i am at one of my fave cafes in london, the albion. love sitting working here with my computer going through things/ websites while blogging away.

they too have these cookies:)))
chocolate chip cookies. here they are called the large cookie:) i highly recommend. i am to bring my mom & aunt next time they come!

alice violette amorina solantania saga

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