Monday, October 20, 2014

Diary 258: An Inspiring Beautiful Start of Fall 2014 In London


livet är guds kärleksgåva till dig

sometimes on sunday's i visit the swedish church and usually pick up their magazine (which i might contribute to in the future actually), i always love the words of our head priest, michael persson. i found this snap from one of those ones to keep as an inspiration.

found this while cleaning my phone:)

 it's been a week of cleaning (everything), press appointments, a visit to a fabric fair and a lovely press breakfast at the fashion & textile museum. fall is really here, a warm one to be london:) of course there has been cute pubs & cafe's along the way. explore perfection.

images top to bottom:

 1 flowers from a wonderful wonderful cafe opposite the fashion & textile museum on bermondsey street (can't remember the name). 2&3 the fabric/ textile fair which was held in one marylebone (a stunning building that is). lace by colin-desreumaux & pastel beauties by henry bertrand. 4 my desk at the moment:) 5 this patisserie, maison bertaux is a love of mine. the almond croissant is dangerously addictive. 6 on my way somewhere i captured this. st. martin in the fields, trafalgar square. 7 this was captured on such an early morning this past week. it's dulwich park. 8 where i live:) vines in the fall. 9 this cat:))) i have like ten more photos of this one!! from yesterday. 10 on saturday when on my way to franklins, i devoured this cake as created by a lovely girl whom works under the name jessie makes:) home baked local perfection. 11 at franklins an hour later:) sofis mode! guilty pleasure as given to me by my step father. 12 on one of the press days i was given as a gift this cute heart bracelet, sophie by sophie, a swedish fine jewellery designer. 13 my little sunday outfit, all top shop & vintage.

see yea tomorrow.
much love
alice solantania saga

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