Friday, October 17, 2014

"Thea Porter: 70's Bohemian Chic" Opening at The Fashion & Textile Museum February 6th 2015

"i spent all my waking hours, and
indeed much of the night (barring
the parties), wrestling with clothes,
dreaming them up in my mind's
eye, struggling to capture the
fleeting image on paper, translating
it into fabric and hanging it on to a 
woman's body so as to make that
body more alluring, more beautiful."

-thea porter

i was invited to a press breakfast at the fashion and textile museum to hear about their upcoming exhibition to open next year! thea porter: 70's bohemian chic. We are finally about to explore the world of thea in its complete! the first one ever created.

the fashion historian laura mclaws helms together with thea's daughter venetia porter and founder of the museum, zandra rhodes held an inspirational presentation of the exhibition which made me wish it would open now so that i did not have to wait until next year.

a little background on thea porter ( quote from the fashion & textile museums press release):

"thea porter (1927-2000) came to optimize bohemian chic in 1970's london, developing a unique aesthetic that drew on an eclectic mix of luxurious fabrics, signature dresses and soho laissez-faire. born in jerusalem, she began working as an interior designer before setting up shop on london's greek street. 

over the course of several years, she established her combination of fashion and interior design, cultivating clients such as pink floyd and the beatles, alongside faye dunaway, elizabeth taylor and barbara streisand - as well as working for royal patrons including princess margaret and the empress of iran, farah diba. porter was promoted in new york by vogue editor in chief diana vreeland and her clothes were sold in giorgio beverly hills, while at the same time she was a frequent visitor to the colony room, london, the drinking club habituated by lucien freud, francis bacon and george melly."

i just had to research a tiny bit and found some wonderful inspiration! a lot actually from the fashion & textile museum's own pinterest

the designer herself outside of her soho shop on greek street 

 in vogue

lauren hutton wearing thea

ok, i wanna be nicole richie in thea porter:)

and then transform into faye dunaway getting married!! that bridal dye for!!!

 later in the day at franlins i devoured everything thea porter! an obsession was to begin. hallelujah!

this exhibion opens february 6th 2015 at the fashion and textile museum which is located on 83 bermondsey street in london. can't wait:)

alice solantania saga
(images not by me are from the fashion & textile museum's pinterest and the one on nicole richie is from style spot)

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