Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Yesterday Was My Mom's Birthday:)

 this greeted me yesterday morning. where have you been so early?
 out shopping for the champagne breakfast, of course:) 
 outfit for my mom's birthday

vintage dress
antique cross necklace
burberry violette printed shoes

the day was wonderful wonderful. the breakfast in my house was made possible because my mom & aunt had helped me organise my house the day before:) thanks thanks thanks. i have a new beginning of my life.  see my happy mom???:))) after breakfast we explored the saatchi gallery and all of kings road. we sat down at a pub in chelsea i love, the pig's ear. partridges is such a wonderful delicatessen food store in sloane square (that photo is taken by my lovely aunt)! i am staring at a pumpkin puree organic thingy, shall i buy or not? that is the question. franklins was the dinner place and we had the best food as created by a peter, seabass perfection.

 i gave my mom a print from my self portrait series, the cherry blossom girl. i had it printed on a wonderful paper a german company creates which has been making paper since the 1500's. the job was perfectly done by metro imaging. thank you lowe for sizing it correctly and whatever else you helped me doing:)) here, at the albion cafe, was the first time i saw it in real life:) i was so happy with it! you can see it here, but with paper on top to protect it. 
 i wrote a tiny note to my mom:)
 here is the actual image:) 

just saying...the cats of the gardens!!!

we are off for more exploring now:)

happy wednesday beautiful creatures
alice solantania saga

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