Monday, November 03, 2014

Diary 260: In Search of Beautiful Lost Time

candy adorable cuteness:))

i have been a tiny bit down this weekend. var tog all tiden vägen, en gång var vi miljonärer, när vi hade all tid i världen. i made it a mission to be around beauty. the fall type. friday was summer 23 degrees though:)) i went in to central london and just walked around like a tourist. the thames, big ben, st.james park, green park & mayfair. it was lovely. saturday and sunday i spent on my own in east dulwich. i created a long saturday walk while finishing "reading" (listening) to a secret history by donna tart. went to a farmers market and devoured east dulwich saturday cuteness before heading back home to clean up my old computer. i did too play with some of my old photos.

my sunday sort of ended with this cutie pie:)) this cat i thought was to kill me or something. she made me laugh hysterically for like half an hour. 
enjoy this face!!!

here's an old self portrait from 2012
in my garden wearing an alexandra grecco dress & chloe sandal platforms.

i constantly have to remind myself
this is my life
so do what you love and do it often.

alice solantania saga
(quote found here, swedish 3 sentences taken from kent's song den andra sidan, here)

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