Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Dulwich Saturday Preparing Tomorrow's Tuvstarr

Wells Park, The Gardens in East Dulwich, Doughnuts and The Kinfolk Table
clock wise from top left: 

this morning:) wells park in forest hill. the cats in the gardens where i live is to adore. to devour at the dulwich bakery. that book, a wish for christmas, the kinfolk table. such beauty.

alice solantania saga
doodling doodling an ape haha. please laugh with me, not at;0)!
the dulwich sky. tuesday morning i am sitting in one of those!

Princess Tuvstarr in Dulwich Woods
a taste from my tuvstarr shoot i created yesterday morning. this is the beginning of the tale i decided. she has freedom after having escaped the castle of dreams to explore reality. little does she know at the moment how the world is to tear her apart.

today's little quote

have the courage
to stand alone
when you
no matter
how sparse your
no matter
how dark the night,
stand tall
and damn
the rest.


i am tuvstarr at the moment. i feel like nothing else can be done. so to distract myself i decided to create an extra long morning walk to get lost with the hilariousness of ingemar, peter & linda whom host a morning show on the swedish radio only to afterwards devour games of thrones. today i got lost in the worlds of aria & tyriann. in the early afternoon i went to the shops in dulwich trying to get a christmas spirit but no, i am tuvstarr so gave up and went home to do my doodling:) yes that did help. i know my tale so well that i do not need to do much planning, just as long i know the location i am to be in i am fine. tomorrow is to be exciting because yesterday i found the crown for her:))) now i am to devour brooke shaden on youtube, she is such an inspirational creature. i need to plan the road of the faerie tales of violette and she has millions of ideas.

i wish you a beautiful rest of saturday.

alice solantania saga

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