Sunday, December 28, 2014

An Ice Queen Sweetness Sunday

i promise
if you keep
for everything 
in this world

you will
become it.

how i adore that quote:)

i am back in london! yesterday was a travel day.

 yesterday was too my grandfather's day, he would have turned 88. it's been 7 years since i lost him. he is in my thoughts every day. if there was ever one i would have loved to impress or have someone see me succeed, that would have been him. it did not happen. that makes me sad so these thoughts took over my whole morning walk. i was to find back to my princess tuvstarr, but my thoughts just went back to my grandpa. i tried games of thrones but had to give up and let my thoughts be. he was my special one & after he passed my grandmother told me that i should never forget that i was his special one:) thank you grandma for that. he taught me how to cycle, ski & drive a car. he gave me time which is the most precious thing one can give to another human being. he too gave me all my firsts! for ex. my first record player, watch, skis, bicycle and so many other things. let's not forget my first professional camera, that happened the day before he passed away.

it's almost 2.30 now and my thoughts has turned into gratitude. sadness gone!

soon on my way to franklins to devour all my photography books full of ideas on how to experiment. excited over this. 2015 is to be photography with self portraits, some fashion & my faerie tales of violette. 

keep looking for all the beauty in this world and you will eventually become it:)

meet sweetness the ice queen
Absolute Vintage Dress

A vintage dress from Absolute Vintage and its sister store Blondie
sweetness wears:

blondie (an absolute vintage shop) dress
grandma's gold heart

a winter friday morning as spent in sweden with my dear pernilla and a sleeping cuteness gösta:)
bjursjön, uddevalla

tomorrow i'll create a little diary post showing my christmas week as spent in my hometown!

alice solantania saga

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