Monday, December 01, 2014

Diary 263: Some Magic, Some Angels & Millions of Wonders

happy 1st of december:)))

 angel beauty advent calendar perfection! see the tiny one?i mean the angel! see? 
 the magic

 ok! get ready for 46 more photos! i've been exploring every day for the past 2 weeks...:))!!!

enjoy the magic!!!

the butterfly

i am without form
without limit
beyond space beyond time
i am in everything
everything is me
i am the bliss of the universe
am i

-ram tirtha

i am the bliss of the universe

these past couple of weeks i have exploring exploring and done some more exploring. i need the devouring at the moment at all times. it makes me feel part, feel part of all the beauty. of course i am lucky to be living in london with such history, such victorian beauty. so much art, food, architecture and above all LIFE. i am too playing with my new polaroid camera:) there is so much to do. meet the fairy tale of violette beautiful creatures.

we are the bliss of the universe.

images top to bottom:

1 today's! 2&3 the magic of dulwich woods. this with games of thrones = perfection. 4-7 nunhead cemetery. it is such a beautiful place. the angel:) her name is alice and she is someone i adore. 8-11 somerset house right now. christmas tree! fashioning christmas & tom's kitchen deliciousness. 12-14 london. 15-17 the national gallery. those flowers by renoir:)) i wanna paint like that. the last image:))) such inspiration. i am to do something with this. the heavenly and earthly trinities by bartolome esteban murillo. adore adore adore. 18 i had a date at the perfection place in leichester square, cork & bottle. 19 this was the day i started exploring my new polaroid camera. london bridge! 20&21 the anchor. such a cute pub by london bridge. 22 turkish delight at borough market, too london bridge perfection. 23-30 ok!!! i have fallen madly in love with sloane square's food market. this place is food heaven. 31 flowers at spitalfields market. 32 liberty london and its flower shop. 33 manga cuteness from a magazine i adore. gothic lolita bible it's called. a bible it is. 34 at pollock's toy shop in covent garden. my new jewellery box. i too finally found my advent calendars here:))) 3 of them even. victorian angelic magic. 35 me fairy style franklins. 36-38 i went to william morris gallery whom has this beautiful exhibition on right now, rossetti's obsession. i love william morris, such a passionate man. 39-41 another exhibition which was stunning. leighton house magic. a victorian obsession. i would say that is my life. 42 harrods! there is a gallery within harrods called halcyon gallery. these wonderful painting are by the artist royo. 43 moi! me with my new camera happiness franklins. 44-46 me in outfits i find cuteness brilliant. 47&48 me at franklins. my table, how it usually looks like:)) 49 starbucks. i adore love devour their soya latte. 

love to you beautiful perfection creatures

stay candy cute brilliant
alice solantania saga

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