Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Meet Linda Marina Portman

i am working on a project together with my sisters linda & violette:)

 the faerie tales of violette! 

violette is my editor, linda is the fashion director & i am the creative director. so excited!

 linda has been doing styling for quite some years now, she is too a contributing fashion editor of crash magazine. here's a tiny glimpse of linda's wonderful works:)

linda marina portman
Photography by Mikael Schulz for Glamour Magazine

Nike Felldin wears a Vintage outfit

Levis denim dress with Charles Anastase glasses and platform shoes

Luella dress and Charles Anastase platform shoes

Brogan Loftus wears a Meadham Kirchhoff lace veil and dress

valentino dress as photographed by gemma booth

leona axelsson

Linda Portman for Material Girl Magazine

Charles Anastase and Erdem

Lanvin dress & necklace for Crash Magazine

Missoni for Crash Magazine

 winter wonderland :))

alice solantania saga


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