Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Meet A Princess Tuvstarr

 part 5 of my princesse tuvstarr story, a taste! in the end i am to choose one image for each part of the tale. i wonder which one is to be the one.

tomorrow part 6 is to happen:)
A Self Portrait by Aice Solantania Saga

A Self Portrait by Alice Solantania Saga

A Selfportrait by Alice Solantania Saga

Self Portrait by Alice Solantania Saga

this is how it looks like before altering my tuvstarr images. 
a raw taste, what do you think?
Princess Tuvstarr

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my moodboard for tuvstarr can be viewed here!

this is where one enters dulwich woods, this morning it was such a sunshine ice cold beauty winter morning. i love this place, each season has its own beauty.
Sydenhamhill Woods

tomorrow is new years:))) i am starting my day with part 6 of this tale of mine. i think i have decided on what location in the woods, on tomorrow's walk i might change my mind. in the afternoon i am just to hang out at franklins planning & setting goals for 2015 and probably pick one of all my new photography books to read.

what are you up to on the last day of our 2014?

alice solantania saga

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