Monday, February 02, 2015

An Alice Solantania Saga London Weekend

i have not been feeling very well so thereby my non existence for a few days. however there were some highlights:) for example i found my corpse bride roses at columbia road's flower market. out of so many sellers, only one had the shade of lavender/ violette that i needed so of course it was the most expensive kind...!!! allelujah;0)! expensive taste. i too had some lovely hours planning & reading at our french house in east dulwich.
The French House Cafe, Columbia Road Flower market and a chocolate cookie from The Albion Cafe

clockwise from top left:

planning reading dreaming at the french house in east dulwich (a fave place as of now). behind the flower market on columbia road is some antique shops/ markets which too have live bands playing on sundays:) some beautiful flowers from the market, these are not the ones though. and lastly, i went to the albion cafe again and this is what i wanted for breakfast (i love love love these cookies), but since i am allergic to gluten that had to be skipped!

i put them together, my new loves for my corpse bride character (see mood/ inspiration board here)and the old decayed ones i used for my heart is refusing me portrait.
Violet Roses

movement is where
this story begins.
the roads are
beckoning. the sun
will carry us. you
are a river. move to
remain fresh, to 
stay clear, and
invite what will
come with ease.
move your body to
feel fluid, to be
open, to stay 
primal, to be free.
move your mind so
it bursts with
ideas waiting to be
birthed, and move
across lands and
roads and waters to
hold the momentum,
to explore, to grow,
to vibrate, to 
breathe. beyond
this door, the
world awaits. take
what you can
carry. movement
sharpens our eyes
again, so
we can see.

- the wonderful victoria erickson

love to you all
alice solantania saga

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