Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Saturday Outfit & Some R.M Drake Wonders

happy saturday:)

saturday as you may know is my fave day of the week! people are just happier knowing they have 2 full days to just hang out ( and maybe do some house duties). i am right now waiting for my train, on my way to kingston and to a cafe called woodies, near the thames. i am to meet some photograhy enthusiasts:))) we are to converse about all things inspiring! such a perfect way to start the weekend. exploring & learning with others whom share the same passions!

fall deeply into something
indefinable. believe me, it is
a beautiful thing. let it grow
inside you until it becomes you,
and then let it grow some more.

and when the undefinable becomes
the familiar, then i urge you to
keep going, to keep finding,
there will always be more. that
is your role, to keep on experiencing
yourself until you know so much
that it terrifies you.

- r.m drake 

the faerie tales of violette
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grandma's gold heart
prada belt
gabor flats

alice solantania saga

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