Friday, April 10, 2015

A Child Bride Friday in Richmond

Isabella Plantation and richmond
happy friday beautiful people

london has had (and have) 19 sunshine degrees! it's been my day of creating the child bride. my lovely little doll behaved all day;0)!!! a treasure in london is the isabella plantation which is located inside the park of richmond, this is where my location today was, among green's and violette's. i was giving away my child to get married to a man my own age. a huge source of inspiration for this tale, which is true in so many parts of the world, was/ is cocorosie's song the child bride (see & listen to it below), both lyrically & visually.

my images (clockwise from top left): 

1 my location:) such perfection beauty right? isabella plantation right now! 2 me (in a sunshine dress from beyond retro) with all the things needed to create today 3 afterwards i went to this lovely pub called the white swan:) here i've spent loads time drawing in the past but too been on dates believe it or not. 4 me & my still nameless little doll that was my child bride today; checking that i got what i wanted.

i love richmond! 
that park with the treasures of the isabella plantation = magic

my inspirational source:

about 10 minutes before my shoot, this is the song i listened to on my iphone. to get into my character. i am both her and her mother giving her away. there is so many feelings here. but i think sadness is the overwhelming one, why am i not needed? why are you so happy being without me? why don't you miss me? 

i wash my body. 
hope not too lonely.
 family waving. 
this is my wedding night.

much love
alice solantania saga

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