Monday, April 27, 2015

An Alice Solantania Saga Monday Full of Cakes, Cats & Flowers

such a monday

the day started with my morning walk & podcasts. i have so many back to back episodes as created by mr triumph:) today i listened to an interview with our  (swedish) former prime minister fredrik reinfeldt & the wonder laleh!!! also captured my dream house (again) with my sx-70 polaroid camera. then home it was to braid my hair then put on some violette clothing before rushing off to central london. i was in dear need of techie apple people, i dread this store but it went SO smoothly and the boy who helped me was fantastic. i also captured beauty in green park & st.james. too ran in to this little market which sells homemade/ baked thingies:)  liberty also happened as was as many bookstores i could find since i am in need of inspirational ballet poses that i can use for my flower of the faeries series.
when coming back home this cat was waiting for me to devour her. 
Cakes, Cats & Flowers
clockwise from top left:

at waterstone i found the most amazing book about the talented and late alexander mcqueen. cookies & cream perfection at the market i ran into. roses from liberty. that beauty was sitting outside my house!!!

ballet pose inspiration 
now = home & happily exhausted!

how was your monday? i hope it has been treating you well.

alice solantania saga


lisa said...

your days are filled with much lovely adventure! jealousss :3 also, i sent you an email with the cat cafe booking info! hope it works out ♡♡

Alice Saga said...

sometimes in order to do something i really do not wanna do (like being in the apple store with millions of people) i do fun things like wonder around and discover things to take photos of:) this was yesterday:) yes SO excited over meeting you on that saturday to go to the cat cafe:) happy lovely tuesday to