Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Diary 269: A Cat Cake Devouring Sunshine Blossom Girl Easter Weekend

morning to you too;0)!!!

hahahaha!!! happy bird:)))

instagram filter:)
this cat...is just beyond!

i've been capturing the beauty of spring
samsung galaxy perfection
Yellow Flowers

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom tree
the 2 images above features my fave blossom tree in east dulwich.:) the color and fullness of its flowers in combination with the sky = perfection!

dulwich park
Cherry Blossoms

every year now for the past 5, i've captured spring here. 
adore adore the sunshine car
Cherry Blossoms

saturday mornings usually means the horniman museum & gardens's food market. sweet carolina had the best cakes:))) easter perfection!
sweet carolina cupcakes

Carrot Cake

chocolate chip cookies by michelle's bakery
Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies

saturday morning i too ended up here, the lovely belair house. needed the ladies powder room!
Belair House

sx-70 polaroid perfection
this is what i am capturing this year. last year i was part of the blossoms being the cherry blossom girl. you can see one image here, actually the house i wanna own is where this tree is located. reaching for the stars!
Cherry Blossoms Polaroid Image

my style when being a camera girl
Alice Solantania Saga
spring is here. summer is on its way i can feel today:))) 

and we have just had a long easter weekend. 
how was your little time off? i hope you had a brilliant few days full of spring magic! 

that cat hahaha. first she ran around my whole flat, then licked clean my freezer door and left me with only god knows what type of charade. adore adore adore adore adore give me more!

my morning walks has been full of podcasts! so many brilliant people sharing knowledge and humour. maybe i should recommend a few to you all? & if you wanna recommend to me, then please do:)?

i feel guilty though, like i have abandoned aria stark. in the last episode she woke up blind:((( 

fear cuts deeper than swords

and when i looked back at
my life, when i looked back
at it all, i clearly saw
how bad times really meant 
everything. and how every
moment that lead me to 
happiness revolved around
some kind of terrible

sometimes the darkness was
a beautiful thing and
sometimes it took me to a 
place where i had no idea
where it could all go, but
i knew it was all meant to 
be ok.

the wonders of r.m drake 

this beautiful person has just released a book, it's called black butterfly, find it here!

much love
alice solantania saga

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