Sunday, May 17, 2015

An Alice Solantania Saga Saturday In New York

i love new york

i had the best saturday. started with a morning walk along the river before heading home to get myself cuteness ready to meet my new friend lisa:) we had plans to meet at hiroko's place in the west village. after a delicious curry we headed towards a cat parlour haha. we ended our day to devour some candy cute lolita dresses at a shop called baby, the stars shine bright. lisa thank you for our saturday!!! xxx



which means my church

the wonders of 
timothy keller
New York
clocwise from top left:

an i love new york cat painting at the meow cat parlour:). vanilla glazed doughnuts at dean & deluca on broadway/ prince street. pastel cuteness dresses at baby, the stars shine bright. perfection at the economy candy store.

wonders at the meow parlour

Hiroko's Place

Alice Solantania Saga
me having a happiness moment at schillers
went here after i had parted with lisa. they always have the latest issues of vogue, elle, allure and such magazines to that i did. this with my gratefulness thoughts.
love love love their cheap white so had 2 glasses.

it's impossible,
said pride.
it's risky,
said experience.
it's pointless,
said reason.
give it a try,
whispered the heart.

- unknown

alice solantania saga


lisa said...

you're very welcome :))) ah! when i came back home, i realized that i didn't take a picture of you/us together :( i must remember to do that next time!!!

sunday is church day for me too ♥

Alice Saga said...

i just emailed you:))) let's do the picture of us when i visit you:) church was about friendship today:) common passion, transparency & consistency was the cornerstones! much love💜💜💜