Thursday, June 04, 2015

A Sunshine Faerie Brilliance Isabella Thursday:)


today has been perfection happiness! created 2 flower faeries at the isabella plantation in richmond park. it is such a warm day, was almost sweating in my sweetness dresses...!!! such luxury i'd say. afterwards i took a walk around this wonderplace to devour all the beauty set in front of my eyes! now = a pub by the river called the white cross! a view of the river and happy people everywhere....just saying:) life now is beautiful! let me keep this foreverandever please dear god in the heavens.

you are not 
seperated from the whole.
you are one
with the sun,
the earth,
the air.
you do not
have a life.
you are life.

- eckhart tolle

we are life wonderful readers

meet sunshine

absolute vintage sunshine dress
top shop flowery headband
ecco sandals

happy sunshine thursday to you all
alice solantania saga


Anastasia said...

Love that quote from Eckhard Tolle. And you look stunningly dreamy.

Alice Saga said...

thank you anastasia:) so sweet of you to say! xx