Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Meet A Mary Pickford Fairy Ballerina Cheeky Sweetness

Alice Solantania Saga
the above faerie i created on saturday at the isabella plantation! i have been hugely inspired by the cuteness actress mary pickford, such a cheekiness talented creature:)) so my poses & attitude were inspired by her.

my saturday:

this day did not start out that well! first of all i had forgotten that i did not take out my contact lenses the night before so this morning i put on another pair...!!! on my morning walk i could not focus, i was seeing "double", i was dizzy! when i came home to put on  make up on my face, i could hardly see what i did in the eyes could not focus. i almost thought someone serious was going on with my health. then on my walk to the train which was to take me to my location i was starting to think i was crazy whom went ahead with my day! all of a sudden though:) i remember about having 2 contacts in at the same time, i did this a few years back. so at my station i tried taking one layer off, and YES, HALLELUJAH! a new world opened up hahaha. thank goodness!

when there, at the plantation, i found a location and started shooting the above only to cut my foot so i started bleeding heavily. let me say this: i was now ready to give up! feet bleed. my capezzio ballerinas are now covered in blood. lovely! i changed in to a long turquoise dress and found my next location:) sometimes i am proud of myself! 

this is where the loveliness of my day started. 2 women on a distance started taking pictures of me and i was wondering who on earth they were and why etc etc. they came closer and the mother (which i did not know then that she was) saw my foot bleeding and she just came to my rescue. they were having a picnic around the corner from where i had decided to have my second location and she went to get cleaning thingies & a bandaid:)) she fixed me up like a nurse would have done. then they invited me for a glass of wine and to enjoy their beautiful company that afternoon. such a beautiful family i got to devour. such blessings! such blessings right:)?

 i have been location scouting at kew gardens. did not find anything good so will have to try the isabella plantation again tomorrow. i am to create my last faeries these coming days, at least for this year. i might compliment with a couple more next spring:) we will see!

me with the map:)
 a swan family with the babies:))) such beauty!
A Swan Family
the beauty of kew gardens blooms
Kew Gardens

wanna end with 
the beauty 

when we nourish 
ourselves with
good people,
scenery, love,
magic, beauty and
self-care, we
radiate light into
the world and
sharpen our
vision, perception,
and clarity all at
once. this in turn
spreads to other
beings which
spreads to even
more. remember
that one tiny drop
can raise an ocean.
keep wanting.
desiring. doing.
breathing in the 
sweet things.

love to you all

keep wanting
keep desiring
keep doing

alice solantania saga


lisa said...

i adore this look!!! ♥ and i'm so sorry to hear about your contact lense mishap! that is one of my worst fears...forgetting to take my contacts out or having two lenses in my eye!! but thank goodness! i'm so relieved you were able to take it out. and then your poor foot! ahh, perhaps everything happens for a reason. glad that those women came to your rescue! ♥♥ you are blessed indeed!! perhaps it is the fairy magic ;))

those swans look beautiful! you've been capturing so many cute critters lately. i'm jealouss haha but happy that such beauty came to youuu ♥♥♥

Alice Saga said...

thank you my perfectly beautifully kind creature friend:)))) it means a lot to me that you like this💜 also thanks for your kind words about my day! yes i think the faeries gave me rescue this day! yes there is a lot to devour here in london, when the weather behaves:) much love to you💜💜💜 and yes thank goodness about the contacts hahaha! i can be so i don't know what to say about it really!!! am i a disaster!?? xxx